Hello Gamebander!

5 years ago we worked with Mojang to come up with a way to make Minecraft wearable. Minecrafters used it to take their Minecraft experience anywhere, created & shared 1000’s of wearable animations, managed their mods with it, and wore it proudly! It was an insanely fun journey!

It’s a few years since the last production Gameband+Minecraft. If you own one, this website is where you can get support. You’ll find a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), downloads, and user manuals.

Unfortunately as we no longer exist as a company, so we can’t provide 1/1 support anymore 🙁 but….we’ve uploaded all the information and tools we have here in case you need them.

Thanks so much for your support, and as always we wish you happy mining.

Team GB+M 😉